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This exciting and dynamic 4-day course introduces learners to the lifecycle of managing Software Projects with the Agile Framework. Agile framework with focus on scrum which emphasis on breaking down the Project schedule into Sprints of minimum 2 weeks as this helps to focus on an aspect of deliverables with resources needed to deliver. This has the advantage over the traditional waterfall methodology. Software projects allows for certain features to be delivered earlier and the solution can be in use with limited functionality where Roi can be realised almost immediately which is an advantage over traditional waterfall. Today’s IT Project Managers have to equip themselves with the Agile framework and using scrum as the methodology to deliver all IT projects in the earliest time possible.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, you will be able to

Identify the key principles and concepts of Agile Framework
Identify the benefits of implementing Scrum methodology.
Identify the Scrum methodology and roles involved.
Identify the principles of Scrum.
Identify how Scrum fits into the Organization.
Identify skills needed to upgrade from a Project Manager to Scrum Master
Learn how to be Scrum Certified.
Learn how the Product Backlog is broken down to Sprints & Actionable Items

Course Student Material
Students receive a copy of the classroom student manual.

3-5 years’ Experience working in an IT Environment.

Scrum Master Training Class Manual

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