Project Management Professional (PMP)


PMP® certification is a globally-recognized project management certification. It proves you have the ability to lead projects for any organization and in any industry.


Project Management has become one of the leading and the most sought after careers in recent times. It is fast becoming the distinguished skill required in all sectors of the economy, and also in the fast growing world of outsourcing being in huge demand in all professions.

Project Management is one of the most rated careers in today’s competitive market, no wonder millions of Nigerians have evolved with this new career advancement. Gradually, Entrepreneurs and corporate bodies are aligning with the trends and standards of the international market competing with their counterparts in other countries and even emerging at the forefront of globalisation.

Today’s market is faced with different challenges of the projects constantly failing due to lack of adequate planning, untimely delivery of projects, high cost amidst “troubled waters’’. With this, employers of labour, public & corporate bodies have embraced and seen the need to increase project profitability based on best practice in the face of competition by using world class proven Project Management Methodologies.

Project Management covers all areas of life and is not limited to the following: construction, Banking & Finance, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Telecommunication, Aviation, Education, Power, Marine, Health.

The Benefits of obtaining a certificate in this career cannot be over-emphasized as it not only gives in-depth knowledge but also a professional advantage, it goes as far as increasing and improving working conditions, gives the competitive advantage in areas of human resource acquisition in order to deliver quality driven projects.

AVA uses experienced Project Managers who are also facilitators in their different fields. Our trainers are versatile and have hands-on experience using the adopted world class methodology. Our training modules span across the five process Groups and nine knowledge areas, we offer consulting and advisory services.

We have our network of clients within and outside the country seeking knowledge, career advancement, company restructuring & organisation, higher productivity, high turn-over and international recognition.

There are three major requirements for anyone to be eligible to write the PMP Exam

Training Date & Institution to obtain 35 hours contact Education
B.Sc/HND and Course of Study
3 years’ Work Experience

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