Professional Career Counselling


AVA Careers consultancy has a track record of helping our clients land their dream job with employers of choice like CFAO, United Capital, Qualiserve, McKinsey, and Meta.

We understand you are looking for support in identifying your dream job. We know that selecting your best next step can be a time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating process.


A career counsellor is now a necessity for proper career growth. The ability to map your past with passion and recommending options of career path makes it worthwhile. This involves providing relevant skills needed for the next five years to achieve greatness. It is better to pick and nurture a career early, which gives a better sense of direction than to make mistakes and waste scarce resources. This for many people who are confused about picking a new career or related skills needed to be abreast of their career.

Our end-to-end career coaching program, ensures individuals gain complete guidance for the job search. Our career coaches analyze, improve, and optimize everything from your resumes, cover letters, online presence, interview skills, and more. We help you build, thrive and grow, while earning the salary you deserve and propelling your career to greater heights.


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