HR Specialist Upgrade Cohort


Human Resource (HR) professionals look after the greatest creators of value (and risk) in organisations: the workforce. This can be a complex task and can be very frustrating too, without the right knowledge and tools.


Managing human beings at different levels, different time zones, with cultural differences and laws, poses a challenging equation. Hence the HR Upgrade Cohort to help you gain the right skill set to navigate through all these challenges and manage the intricacies of a global workforce, whether you’re looking to start your career in the sector or secure an international role.

Focusing on key areas of HR Management such as:

  • Balanced Score Card
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll System
  • Statutory Deductions
  • Learning Management
  • Training Planning & Execution
  • HR Policies, Processes Procedure
  • Handbook
  • Recruitment (Tech & Non Tech)

This training package offers you the opportunity to develop ‘real-world’ case studies based on your own workplace requirements. Whether you are an HR specialist, HR manager, or HR director, this training would give you the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge and put theory directly into relevant practice.

No matter where you live or work, our seasoned faculty of HR specialists will help you learn from the latest research and explore real HR issues.

In 4 weekends of intense online classes plus 8 weeks of internship you’re set to gain in-depth strategic human resource management knowledge and skills that organisations who compete on a global scale require, without needing to travel anywhere to study.

This online HR Upgrade Cohort has learning support features, providing you with resource materials and online discussion groups where you can have weekly engagements to facilitate easy learning and leverage on corporate knowledge to balance study with your existing work, life and family commitments.


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