Corporate Recruitment

The greatest asset of any organisation are the People, any organization with the right resource gives the much-needed competitive advantage.

Ability for an organisation to deliver the strategic objectives relies solely on the right resources who can implement the vision of the organisation.

The ability to fill vacant positions at the shortest possible of time helps to implement the Manpower planning optimally by reducing the employee attrition rate. The consequence of employee turnover is reduced to the barest minimum.

Head Hunting Services

This has become imperative for our organization to serve Individuals who require services of our recruitment team to help identify, coach, and get the required job as specified by these Individuals.

This is known as the GET-ME-A-JOB Scheme. It requires a registration fee, a career counselling session, CV-rebranding as well as the Search for the job. This is premium service and requires payment be made once our clients have been offered employment.

Head shot portrait smiling African American businesswoman offering handshake, standing with extended hand in modern office, friendly hr manager or team leader greeting or welcoming new worker


Many organizations have adopted the outsourcing model to help focus on their core business functions,

while saving operational cost by outsourcing such non-core functions to well experienced organisation to manage the workforce.

We have our outsourced Management with clients from various works of life. We cover leave replacements and other benefits that come with fulltime employments.