Recruitment and HR Services

AVA has been our recruitment agency since 2017 and have been on retainership due to the excellent support and timely delivery they have exhibited over the years.
AVA has recruited for us in all positions, from finance, engineering, service delivery, sales, customer service and more.

Kindly accord to them all necessary support


Recruitment and Trainings

Alfred & Victoria associate was engaged by BlueChip from 2017 till date on the recruitment & Training of its Employees for some of the Positions advertised from time to time.
They Discharged their duties excellently in the Recruitment of many of our Technical & Non-Technical roles.

AVA is one of the Training partners and also provide HR advisory Services amongst other things



This is to confirm that your AVA worked with us in 2018/2019 to fill some of our advertised positions. In particular they supported with the recruitment of the current Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Mainone also engages with AVA from time to time in the course of sourcing for the best candidate for selected vacant positions


Recruitment and HR services

AVA worked with Wakanow from June 2016 – August 2017, Ava worked with Wakanow’s team to address the strategic need of Hiring Technical and Non-Technical employees.

AVA managed the strategic resourcing of 35 employees for a period of one year, working with different stakeholders from executive management to execute the process within the agreed timelines for filling the vacant position.

Due to the outstanding performance exhibited in the last project, Aca has been given yet another similar project to implement this year.

Kindly accord AVA all the necessary support