Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management has become one of the leading and the most sought after career in recent times. It is fast becoming the distinguished skill required in all sectors of the economy, and also in the fast growing world of outsourcing being in huge demand in all profession. Risk Management is the application of skills, tools & techniques, knowledge to risk activities to avoid a negative impact on the organizations objectives. A recent survey shows many executives see an array of ever-increasing business risks, whose practices require constant improvement; substantial revisions in business risk management were neither made nor postponed till a major catastrophe happens.

There is a huge demand by senior executives who want more confidence that all potentially significant risks are identified and managed respectively instead of the “reactive fire- fighting approach” used in past to cater for “unpleasant surprises”. One of the greatest challenges of any organization or individual is being able to maximize our opportunities and minimize our threats so business and self-development can thrive in this fast-pace world. Business Risks are greater today than ever because of the rapid change in customer requirements.

• Globalization means increased exposure to international events

• Need for efficiencies, innovation and differentiation to compete

• We now know the unthinkable can happen

• Financial reporting is now a risk area

“Gartner” reveals the top five business issues

• Cost constraints

• Security of data and privacy

• Stakeholder returns

• Managing business risk

• Innovation

The need for a common framework to address all the various forms of risk highlighted in the chart below will accelerate progress by speaking a common language, criteria against which to benchmark, communicate more effectively, familiarity of concepts, application guidance is a critical piece which must be constant reviewed and embedded as part of the organizational culture.


AVA uses experienced Risk Managers who are also facilitators in their different fields. Our trainers are versatile and have hands on experience using the adopted world class methodology. We have our network of clients within and outside the country seeking knowledge, career advancement, company re-structuring & organization, higher productivity, high turn-over and international recognition.

Benefits of this Program me include and not limited to the following.

• Unlimited Information.

• Empowerment.

• Knowledge of the MoR Framework

• Free Advisory Services.

• Examination Preparation.

• Immeasurable Value.

• Certificate in Risk Management Training.


• APMG Membership Registration

• MoR Foundation & Examination Fees

• MoR Examination Prep Materials.

• Group Training

What is MoR®

M_o_R® provides a generic framework for the management of Risk across all parts of an organization - strategic, programme, project and operational. It incorporates all the activities required to identify and control the exposure to any type of risk which may have an impact on the achievement of the organization’s business objectives.

M_o_R® covers a wide range of topics, including business continuity management, security, project/programme risk management and operational service management. These topics need to be placed into the context of an organization framework for the Management of Risk.

The Benefits of obtaining a certificate in this career cannot be over-emphasized as it not only gives the in- depth knowledge but also a professional advantage, it goes as far as increasing and improving working conditions. Entrepreneurs and corporate bodies are aligning with the trends and standards of the international market competing with their counterparts in other countries and even emerging at the fore front of globalization.

What is MoR® Examination?

The two levels of qualification are Foundation and Practitioner.

Foundation confirms your understanding of the M_o_R framework; examination consists of 45 multiple choice questions to be attempted in an hour.

Practitioner shows your knowledge in the application of the MoR Framework the Practitioner examination is a three-hour scenario-based written examination consisting of three questions to be attempted in three.


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