Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

 Course Description: 

This  intensive  and  lively  2-day  course  introduces  learners  to  the  rudiments  and  importance  of delivering  quality  service  at  all  times  in  the  work  place.  The  course  spans  areas  of  personal branding,  the  power  of  been  a  change  agent  and  our  each  person’s  productivity  affects  the overall  business  bottom  line.  In  the  very  changing  business  environment   where competition  is getting stiffer  by the minute, excellent customer  service  delivery may be the sole differentiator  of your  business from the others.


  • Professionals who need to understand how their efforts translates to business profits.
  • Anyone who intends to pick up a career in a service related industry
  • A person who interacts with other departments in an organization develops measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.
  • Marketing and Sales executives, Procurement, IT, Finance, Support Staff, Service Providers, Vendors, Contractors, Performing Organisation.
  • Anyone organization  who  distinguishes  itself  by  assuring their  Customers  of  delivering consistent quality level on their products and Services.

Learning Objectives: 

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the key principles and concepts of customer service
  • Understand the power of One person in service delivery
  • Thinking about profitability of the business
  • Understanding each person’s role in business success
  • Identify roles and responsibility of staff in customer care
  • Re-orientation of a Client Service Personnel
  • Identify the factors that affect delivery of excellent customer service
  • Understanding the concept of personal branding.
  • Essence of Feedback from Customers.
  • The Value of Customers to the Business
  • Participants will be able to develop a Customer Service Plan that is sustainable and capable of profit generation for the organization .

Course Student Material: Students receive a copy of the Classroom manual.

Course Outline: 

Day 1: Identifying individual roles in Customer Service delivery

Day 2 :  Role of Personal Branding  in making business success.

Special Attraction: Personality Test, learn how to translate your strength to Value to your customers- bring along i-pads, laptops, notes, tabs.




Download Course Brochure: Customer Service 

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